Thursday, July 28, 2011

That word "Sorry"

That word...that annoying word! 
I've heard it waay too many times...It's not becoming meaningless to me now. 
I know it's polite to say "sorry" but please people use it properly. Too many people I've talked to say sorry for no good reason...I know I may sound a bit harsh, but don't say sorry for little tiny things. 
I'm starting to wonder what that word even means now. I've been told that if someone says "sorry" to you, then they feel your pain. I'm pretty sure they don't feel my pain when I say that "you don't understand" 
Yeah saying sorry is nice, and I have to be nice back and accept it, but really...I rather have someone say to me "I wish I could understand what you're going through" then "Sorry" sounds more meaningful right? 
No wonder apologies are hard to accept...


I don't know about everyone else, but i strongly agree that the most important things that need to be heard, are never said.
So many people find themselves thinking...wishing they knew what was on the other persons mind or deciding whether to tell someone something or not.
You know you've had that feeling of "holding back". Having the want to tell the person, but for one reason or another you can't. There are times where we give in and spill everything and getting "pos" or "neg" feedback, but it was the truth. Although, on the other hand I, myself, have always been wondering, losing sleep just thinking about what was going on in the other persons head...and still curious what. Likewise, I've always wondered, jumped to conclusion, making up an answer to put me at ease or frustrate me even more.
I've definitely held back on saying many things, but only because I didn't want to complicate things more, or because it was so far past it that it wasn't worth bringing up again.
The times that I've actually spoken out I got a good response. Yes I was glad I got it out of my system, but on the other hand I definitely regretted saying it and felt silly because my problems didn't matter all that much.
I know I never speak my mind. I've heard it too many times to not believe it. But that's just me, that's just who i am. Even I can't accept the fact, but I know there are other people in this world who are the same.
Well, going back to a different perspective..I bet my money on claiming that everyone alive has always wished they knew what was going on in the other persons head. Whether its about a boy or girl, relationship or friendship. Questions filled your head...Why did he really break up w/me? Does she still think about me? What would he do if-? How come she doesn't want to talk about it?...Although the other side, you may know the answer to these heavily questions that they might ask about you.  Do you know the real reason why you aren't friends anymore? Why did you break up with him? Why can't you forgive them?....Think for a second..was it your fault? Who knows, but if you think that telling them would make it better...
chances are..probably not. Not trying to be negative here...but it's almost common sense.
You may play it off and pretend that you don't know, but really deep down the answer is right there.
But really.
When was the last time your told your best friend "you changed my life"..or him/her that "you mean so much to me" or "i love you" to your parents? When was the last time you ever heard those words. You know you don't say it because it would be "awkward"..but who knows it might make a difference
Which is how the saying goes "the things that need to be heard the most, are never said."